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Anwalt der Seele

zu "Anwalt der Seele"
by Elisabeth Fechter-Petter


Masters Of Dirt

zu "Masters Of Dirt" 
by Georg Fechter




The History of the Shaolin Monastery

For more than 13 years the „Shaolin Kung Fu Monks" have attracted worldwide attention with their breathtaking show. In more than 2000 performances in front of an audience of more than 3 millions the visitors could see for themselves that the Zen Buddhists from Shaolin are capable of overriding the laws of physics by mere concentration and to develop nearly superhuman forces.


Over the years the producer and author Herbert Fechter developed four different shows. In the first show „The Shaolin Temple" he tells us the most thrilling incidences during the 1500 years of history of the Shaolin Temple in the heart of China. The show „ Shami's way to Shaolin" tells us the story of a child on his way to become a Shaolin monk. The show "Lotus & Sword" is the story of the fight for equal status of the Kung Fu nuns of the Yong Tai convent with the monks and masters of the Shaolin monastery nearby. The show „The best of Chinas' monasteries" presents the best masters in the different disciplines coming from different monasteries in China and the new show "The holy mountain" tells us of the incredible story of Chinas' center of energy and its spiritual forces.

In all the shows the history of the Shaolin temple and the life of the Shaolin monks is impressively represented. The shows include all the fascinating and historical Qi Gong exercises und demonstrate the principle that „the spirit can dominate the body".




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